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Minority-Owned Businesses for You!

BeYOUtiful Beats


Beyoutiful Beats is like no other ! Devoted to showcasing who you are through Makeup. Katherine is a world class makeup artist located in Harrisburg, PA! Check out her website to set up your appointment!

LA Style Delivery

LA Styles Delivery .png

Nuborn Skin

Nuborn Skin Updated Logo.jpg

Nuborn Skin is a skin care company that uses all natural skin products that will rejiuvinate your skin, get rid of blemishes and more! Please visit them at

PADC Logo.png

LA Style Delivery is a Black Owned Food Delivery Service that is making head winds in the Central, Pa area ! 

They are on time, fairly priced, and always gets your order right. 

Please check them out at 

The PADC ensures that resources are challenged equitably to positively impact historically and socially disadvantaged/ hard to place Minorities in efforts to become self sufficient through education, economic development, contracting, transportation, professional services and other business opportunities. Please visit them at

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